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When Spotbyte was still young, Search Engine Optimization was about keywords, analytics, tags, metadata – that was about it. In those days, that brought results. Using SEO once made you entrepreneurial – as if you’d remembered to pack a flashlight and wound up in the dark forest. Nowadays though, everybody has a spot light. Whose is brighter?

Back then, Spotbyte – like most of us – was in a merely flirtatious relationship with social media. Now we’re full-on and the dialogue is rapid fire. The stakes have been hiked up. Thinking ahead, you need to ask yourself: if the SEO of today makes yesterday seem like a walk in the park, what will tomorrow bring?

For a brief and blissful period, the big-name search engines – and Facebook – were the only platforms to keep updated. Nowadays, your online marketing strategy needs to cover content marketing, social media optimization, integrated marketing strategies, and SEO. We need to target Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Youtube – and more, just for one project!

Spotbyte, Bali, is either for or against you. Please don’t take it personally!


The Internet is our arena, and it’s a competitive one. Spotbyte grew up in parallel with the world wide web, SEO, and Internet marketing, and gained the skills – the white-hat tricks – to get those take-home message across, increase traffic, conversion, while maintaining the integrity of your content and your brand.

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Social Media Marketing

Getting someone’s attention on a swift-scrolling news-feed takes more than wearing a funny hat. Sustaining word-of-mouth and an intriguing dialogue takes even more tact.

Viral subjects are often preceded by the phrase ‘And then there was this’ – showing us that what is popular is almost always unpredictable. Anyone who knows where public interest will be within the next ten minutes has our respect. Instead of making predictions though, better to look for the skill set of best practices: data analysis and experience, which you’ll find with Spotbyte.

    We get people talking – how?

  • Making the most use out of those popular, social media platforms.
  • Attracting more fans and followers.
  • Getting your audience to comment, share, and retweet.
  • Building your reputation – and then maintaining it.

Integrated Marketing

The trick to great integrated marketing is making it all tie together, complimentarily. This is achieved through analysis and application of market data, and going back to the start. Once we’ve scrutinize the market data, you’ve got to be ready to rethink things – from the ground up.

Online integrated marketing relies on engaging content that’s easily found and easily shared, provokes a response, creates a dialogue across multiple platforms, encourages repeat customers, brand-loyalty, and – of course – profit.

We combine all of the above techniques consistently across all media your brand is producing – from letterhead to Facebook, brochure to website and social media headers.


Purimas Lombok
Purimas Lombok is a luxury resort in Lombok, Indonesia.
Target: Updates the resort’s brand image and focus on securing a higher rate of conversion.
Strategies: Content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization


  • First ranking as “spa resort lombok”
  • First page as “best resort lombok”
  • Averaging a thousand on-line inquiries a month


Viceroy Bali
Viceroy Bali is a luxury hotel in Bali, Indonesia.
Target:Increase search rankings, focus on luxury-oriented guests and drive conversions.
Strategies:Content marketing, advanced content production, social media marketing, search engine optimization.


  • First page as “5 star hotels Bali”
  • First page as “5 star hotels Ubud”
  • Tens of thousand dollars worth of online booking per month

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Bali Internet Marketing & SEO Consultant since 2002

Started before the birth of social media, user contributed sites, and sharing craze, SpotByte has seen the World Wide Web evolve into the interactive, dialog-rich platform we know today. Far from being left behind, we have a knack for adapting to its various and quickly changing communication trends always using them at their full potential.

Our aim is to offer targeted and specific services, resulting not only in a gain of internet traffic, but, ultimately, in a significant increase in sales and enquiries.

Being based in Bali has enabled us to keep close contact with the hospitality industry, and if we are proud of the work we did for client in all sectors, we are fully harnessed to tackle communication challenges related to tourism.

Grown from a small structure, we are now part of Omnia Media, a multimedia oriented group, and benefit from constant consulting with experts in diverse areas of online communication and web development, to better adapt its strategies to trends in both marketing and SEO.

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Our professional
Internet marketing services
include :

1. SEO Packages

Keyword research, analysis and optimization. Keywords are at the core of your SEO strategy, and need to be carefully picked, both in-line with your market and current search trends. We help you find the right ones.

Not all search engines behave in the same way, but no problem, we know where goes what.
It all starts here. Are your keywords in the right place? Is your copy user-friendly? Are your images optimized? We provide you with both answers and solutions.
The way a website is programmed will influence its visibility on search result page. We’ll spare you the jargon and see that your site’s coding look good.
Not obvious at first, but believe us, images play an important role in SEO.
Sitemaps let search engines know about your site’s structure, and always rank you higher when you have submitted a well built one.
SEO goes beyond your website. Backlinks creation, comments on blogs and forums are also needed to keep you visible.

2. Social Media Optimization

• Account creation, analysis and optimization
We create your account, make sure it looks good, and use all our knowledge to make it fame-enabled

• Portal and aggregator sites registration
Specific listings have a better chances to bring-in visitors looking exactly for what you have to offer.

3. Integrated Marketing

Campaign and strategies
Whether you’re starting from a blank slate or already in action, we help you match your message with your audience & broadcast it in a way that generates leads, engagement & sales.

Content creation
Content marketing is awesome, it helps you get returning customers by sharing insights and knowledge. It also makes you look professional and thoughtful. But it takes time, and requires an intimate knowledge of web copywriting.

Content submission and scheduling
Knowing how to broadcast your content is almost as vital as creating it. We take care of the scheduling, and all the little details that go with it.

Blog set-up and management
Content marketing and blogging cannot be separated! We set-up your blog, update it, and create its content

Social Media Maintenance
Creating good looking, fine-tuned social media profiles is a good start. You have to keep up to date though. Let us help!

You can evaluate your success with our monthly reports, based on SEO, Social Media, Backlinks or customized factors.

Managing Online Advertising Campaigns
Includes Google AdWords, banner exchange, advertising, advertising on social media networks.

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The way a website is programmed will influence its visibility on search result page. At this stake SEO play the part to prioritize your website. Keywords are at the core of your SEO strategy, and need to be picked carefully to comply with both your market and current search trends. We will help you finding the right ones because each search engines behave in the different way. Not to forget backlinks creation, comments on blogs and forums are also needed to keep you visible.

Are you confused about our services?
You need a kick start into the holistic marketing world? Here are some definitions you will find useful.
Oh, keep in mind, we do all that;
you just have to ask!


Search engine optimization (SEO) is about using methods that assist your web site to rank higher in organic or natural search results. SEO is one part of Internet marketing efforts for bringing more inbound traffic to your web site.
The two most important aspects of SEO is having unique content that is informative and useful, and building good links from other respectable & recognized web sites leading back to your web site.

• Number 1 ranking in search engines: Ranking number 1 for the search term “spock” is not going to bring more visitors to your website if your business is private airplane tours.
• A one-time set up: As with all products & businesses, constant publicity efforts that follow current trends in consumer behavior are necessary to keep your website in the public eye.
• Getting as many other websites to link back to yours: A few link from other quality websites work better than having many links from not very important websites.


On Page SEO refers to the way you will manage your website content so it can be more accessible to search engines.From the way you display your website URLs to the qual- ity of your copy, many factors are involved in keeping a site attractive to both search en- gines and readers.

Along with the development of early SEO strategies, offers for optimization shortcuts and “secret recipes” have been a source of quick results: getting banned or drastically down-ranked. Cloaking, keyword stacking, spamming, link farming are some of the bad practices you should avoid at all cost.

Page Rank is a link analysis system owned by Google, which will determine your position in the search results. Google’s system for ranking sites and preventing bad practices is always evolving, and so should your SEO strategies (Well, ours do )


SEO is not the only decisive factor in your online strategy. Not anymore! With hundred of millions people interacting daily for via social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, opportunities to gather and foster a community around your brand have been multiplying. Not being there is just not an option. Social Media Optimization refers to a set of strategies which will help you spread your world further, communicate more efficiently and use the best tools to increase your reputation and sales via Social Media.


Engagement is often discussed when it comes to social media, but it goes well beyond that. Your customers are always interacting with your brand, via word of the mouth, social interactions, reviews in blogs and specialized websites… A high engagement means more faithful, returning customers, who will proudly carry the name of your business online and offline.


Talking is only half the battle. Do you listen? Inbound and out- bound strategies are there to make sure you communicate well with your market and know how to process its feedback on the web as well as in real life.

Talking about you is a good thing, talking about what you do and showing you are a real pro, ready to jump into action and make your customer’s life better is even better. Content marketing is an ensemble of strategies to help you provide your audience with useful, attractive visual and written content as a proof that your business is active, caring and up-to-date



Where are you? Where are the ones who talk about you? Website, Facebook page, Leaflets, e-books, are as many channels (or tactics) that can and must be used together to optimize your brand awareness.

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