5 ways to reconcile Facebook and SEO

Far is the time when one simply had to use the right keywords in the “meta” section of their sites to gain rankings on search engines result pages.

Content strategies, targeted copywriting, links exchange have to to graft themselves on the trunk of the SEO tree, and are welcoming yet another sprout: social media integration.

Don’t worry just yet, though. If the available techniques to turn your online communication into a fully integrated SEO/Social Media campaign are various enough to fill a “for dummy” book, the 5 quick fixes below will help you keep up!

1) Your keywords

As everywhere else, from your brand name to your copy, keywords are the focus of your communication strategy, the guidelines for search engines, readers and writers.

We’ve already posted pretty extensively about this topic in this article helping you to pick the right keywords, and this article explaining how to implement them, don’t forget to take a look!

Be sure to have completed your keyword list before engaging into social media/SEO integration.

As an example, we will stick to our previously created, fictive brand: Wazablade, the ever sharp Japanese kitchen knife.

2) Your Facebook page name

Your page name should contain your brand name as well as a couple of your most important keywords. Be careful, you won’t be able to change your name after you gain more than 100 fans.


In Practice:

Wazablade, ever sharp knife.


3) Your Facebook page URL

Facebook default page URLs are atrocious to look at, and impossible to remember. Fortunately, Facebook lets you chose your own…once!

Choosing your URL works on the same bases as your page name, with the slight difference that URLs must be kept short and cannot include spaces.


In Practice:



4) The “about” section (Page Info)

While setting up your page, Facebook will provide you with a plethora of fields to fill-in. Take this opportunity to display a keyword-rich copy. Beware, though, to keep your writing as readable as possible. The field corresponding to the “about” section is called “short description”.



While the “Long description” field doesn’t seem to have a character limit, the “Short description” one will not accommodate more than 155 characters. Do not forget to include an URL to your website. Then, keyword time!

Tip (again):

If you list yourself as a local business, your contact data will be displayed on your about section instead of your short description.


In Practice:

The about section of the Wazablade page will read: The Wazablade japanese kitchen knife needs no sharpening! Find out more at [url].


5) Your posts

A Facebook post can range from a single image to a bit more than 63000 characters. Write beautifully, write for your fans, and as usual, don’t forget your keywords!


What else?

Past this point, we can confidently say that your page is ready to be picked up by search engine. There are several more points to be covered, which will be treated in our future posts.


Stay tuned for more tips, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re feeling impatient and want it done now!


Article Name
5 ways to reconcile Facebook and SEO
A Facebook post can range from a single image to a bit more than 63000 characters. Write beautifully, write for your fans, and don’t forget your keywords!

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