Is your content shareable: A quick and easy guide.

If you go reading around the web, you will find that the usual answer to that question is, in a nutshell, “Be excellent”.
This is, all in all, a pretty sound advice but it might let you wonder how to start your excellency campaign.

Here is a little introduction which will point you to the right direction:

Content people share:

Show off what you can do, pull out your best trick and presenting in a clean, understandable fashion. No world record under your belt yet? Focus on the execution.

Chose a medium fit to your budget and hire professionals, a great picture is way better than a mediocre video!

Provide insights and tips empowering your visitors in their everyday life. Be sure to stay focused and deliver content on topics you are expert at. You’re selling knives, you want to share recipes, but are no star chef? Hire one!

Depending on your industry, a touch of humour will help your content spread out. Don’t forget, approach your content creation from an angle your visitors can relate to. A music specific joke will be best understood by musicians.


  • If beauty is a relative concept some common standards still apply. Clean, clear, readable content produced by professionals will always beat dodgy material. Written or visual, keep to high quality sources and remember this rule of the thumb: garbage in, garbage out!

  • Beauty is rooted to emotion and triggers emotion.If a piece of content doesn’t get more than a ‘meh’ out of you, don’t bother.Yes, cute kitties may work (use carefully).

Shocking / Unusual / Baffling
Taken with a grain of salt, a controversial or shocking angle will compel your audience to share and discuss. Be careful to match your their expectations and don’t go over the top!

Give your audience a chance to participate, play with your content and discover it in a non-traditional way.
Many Youtube channels now take requests from their viewers, and nearly every website let you comment on its articles. Sometimes, a simple question to be answered via Facebook or a site’s comment section is enough!

People won’t share if you don’t give them the right tools! Once your content is clean, beautiful and useful, don’t forget to augment it with social sharing buttons and control its appearance via specific metadata!


Content people ignore

Self centered
Don’t limit your marketing strategy to simply talking about you.
The best way to be seen as awesome is to let your audience realize it on their own. Your product, as well as your content, is about them!

There is nothing worse received than attention craving. Communicate with care, stay realistic and don’t brag about anything you haven’t truly achieved.

“The best most futuristic cheapest mind-boggling magnificent product” that “shifts your paradigm and change your life in under 2 minutes” doesn’t exist.

Your expertise, authority and reliability, though, are real!

Marketing is an investment, so is content marketing. Allow your production enough budget and time to deliver enjoyable, credible, and relatable results.
Focus on quality rather than quantity. After all, it’s better to be remember as “That brand with only one awesome video” than “That startup with a lot of spammy articles”.

Keep focused! Remember who you are talking to, and show them what they like. It is perfectly fine to love your dog, but unless you are a veterinarian, don’t show it on your home page!

Content not directly sharable to social media, buried in the depths of Google search, or not interactive will require too much effort from your audience to be looked at, let alone shared…
Good SEO and SMO are key!

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Is your content shareable: A quick and easy guide.

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