What is SEO? Do I need it? Is it enough?

In 5 words: Appear first on google search.

In a nutshell: Seo or Search Engine Optimization, is an ensemble of techniques used so your website appears as early as possible in the search results from Google search, Bing, Yahoo! Search, Facebook search and any other website helping you to find content online.

In many cases, SEO for a given website bears many similarities to job hunting:

When you apply for a position, you will need to describe yourself, your skills and experience in your CV, describe why you can become a good asset in your resume, dress up and present well during the interview and, last but not least, you’ll need the right connections -people your prospective employer can trust. Of course, if you are already popular in your line of business, it will play a huge part in getting the job.

Now, if your website is the ‘applicant’…

Recruiter = Search engine
CV = Metadata (keywords, description)
Resume = Snippet
Attire = Content
Connections = Inbound links (links from other websites)
Popularity = Traffic (visits per day)


SEO consist in optimizing all these aspects so search engines decide to display your website before any other ‘applicant’.
Optimization techniques can be as simple as choosing an effective title, or as detailed a complete quantitative traffic analysis.


Do I need SEO, what can it do for me?

In five words: You need SEO to sell. 

In a nutshell: Investing time and money into a website or blog, without paying attention to its search rankings is equivalent to printing thousands of brochures, only to keep them in your safe.

SEO is an integral part of any serious marketing campaign. Having your website show up earlier in search results will increase your brand awareness,  credibility and, ultimately, drive sales.

If direct traffic and referral (from other websites) traffic constitute a large portion of your visits, 30% to 50% of all web traffic still comes from internet searches.

Search engine users will always tend to visit sites displayed on  the fist 3 search result pages


Is SEO enough?

In five words: SEO is just one tool.

In a nutshell: Good marketing is always comprehensive, SEO is one important channel, but you cannot ignore content, social media and ‘traditional’ marketing strategies.

Pre 2007, before the rise of Facebook and the generalization of social media marketing, SEO ,coupled to quality content, were the only thing needed. Today, fast evolving real-time content sharing platforms are solidly anchored in the web culture, constantly publishing and circulating links, media and opinions. This situation opens a door to many new opportunities, while still representing a solid challenge: you can now be seen everywhere, but how to stand out?

This question cannot anymore be answered by SEO alone.

Content marketing, social media marketing, integrated online/offline publicity and transmedia communication are now indispensable to support your brand from awareness to sales generation.


How does Spotbyte do SEO?

Spotbyte approaches your SEO as integral part of your brand image and marketing strategy. We achieve high search result ranking as well as high conversion rate (sales) through careful analysis of your market, professional technical implementation, and let you see the result via monthly reporting.

We don’t keep it at that, though, and follow up with consultations and insights about everything marketing.

Interested? You can request a quick quote or inquire for more information via our contact page. See you soon!

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What is SEO? Do I need it? Is it enough?
SEO or Search Engine Optimization, is an ensemble of techniques used so your website appears as early as possible in the search results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo

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